“Ear_thing” – The title comes from the word earthing, which is related to the connection of the sound installation with floor/ ground. And an “Ear thing” referring to the listening experience.

This is the project about the imagination of spaces in Hong Kong. This is a response to the lack of physical housing spaces. A series of works were created including performance and installation. People need to touch to specific area to trigger the sound, creating the soundscape of a house. I created a virtual sound space with having the sound of a house.  By using wireless technique, Pieces of floor decking are used and can move individually to produce soundscape of a house.

Excerpt of video: ( Performance showed in the MFA Show Opening on 16th May, 2019) > https://youtu.be/n2WhqRSvMzk

(performance in exhibition area)> https://youtu.be/SoigT-DmCtY