Cheng Nga Yan, a Hong Kong multidisciplinary artist and performer, studied BEng Information Engineering at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and MFA Creative Media (distinction) at City University of Hong Kong. Her works includes performances, interactive installations and video art, expressing her experience related to body and surroundings. Besides, she also participated in different roles in performance as a performer, video designer and set designer.

Her recent multidisciplinary performance Goin’ Goin’, explores a superimposed relationship between sound, virtual navigation, and an exercising body with the collaboration of the artist Larry Shuen.

In 2020, she together with her fellows, established an independent art space, ngau4 gat1 dei6, which is an art project exploring how to operate and sustain such art space in local art scene and sharing spatial resources with fellow artists.

鄭雅茵生於香港,跨領域創作人及表演者,先後就讀香港中文大學信息工程學士及城市大學藝術碩士(創意媒體),主要作品涵蓋表演 、互動裝置、影像。除此之外,鄭雅茵熱衷於表演,並以表演者、錄像設計、道具設計身份等進行創作。近期作品包括跨領域創作《走走》,與藝術家孫禮賢共同探索聲音、虛擬導航及運動中的身體的層疊關係。